Our history:

  Our foundation was established in 1998. The founder is Dániel Kőszegi, who established this foundation for more reasons. First of all, he remembered his childhood when he could get a first-hand experience about what it means to spread the Gospel among the Gipsy people.

  ”Go out to the roads and country lanes…” Luke 14:23. This thought from the Bible encouraged Jenő Kopasz, the spiritual ancestor of faith of the founder to be involved in a ministry towards the Gipsies. The events of 1971 and 1972 represent the life change of the Gipsies in Uszka (Hungary). The lives of people who got to know God, changed radically in every aspect. So, at the start of the foundation both factors had a major role in the process of the establishment: the experiences of the miraculous events of the past and the wish to continue this meaningful work.

  ”… God’s … call is irrevocable.” If you had already experienced what it meant to work among the Gipsies with the help of God, then you would wish to experience these miracles again and again. The missionworkers have experienced the realization of the biblical promises from the beginning: ”…out of these stones God can raise up children…”.

  By the time the foundation became 10 years old, it had reached many outstanding results. It could build up 10 church buildings. Since then, it managed to complete many more, and is involved in such constructions every year.

  In parallel with the constructions, the foundation is eager in charity activities, too. Where the daily bread is not available, it delivers food aids, and plans to do it until there is even one hungry child or adult in these communities. The foundation also distributes clothes regularly among the people in need. In many places the foundation could introduce water solutions to communities by well-boring.

  Education is also an indispensable part of our mission. We feel obliged to all generations, as lots of adults cannot read or write as well. Our day-care and after-school programs are established in order to change this situation.