Our mission:

  The mission of our foundation is towards the Hungarian-speaking Gipsy people in Hungary and Romania. During our work we have been facing the harsh circumstances of the Gipsy people.

  In the heart of Europe, hundreds of thousands of people live lacking the elementary things that are needed to human life. In many homes there are not running water or electricity, the process of infrastructure improvement is so slow. This people is driven to incredibly deep spiritual and physical darkness by poverty, illiteracy, and high rate of unemployment.

  Plenty of questions are still unanswered in an environment where even the basic definition, that is who the Gipsies are, is an unsettled issue. Today a widely spread approach is that Gipsies are defined by their non-Gipsy environment on the basis of several characteristics that involve their lifestyle and anthropological features.

  We feel obliged to this physically and spiritually wounded community. We believe that in order to experience the change of this situation and to witness the recovery of this people from the miserable circumstances, they need a life change. As born-again Christians, we regard the dissemination of the Gospel as the key to the solution.

  Long years of experience prove that the life of those who accepted Jesus into their heart substantially changed in every aspect. It is natural that in parallel with the dissemination of the Gospel, we try to help fulfill the physical needs of these people, too. We wish to be involved in the work for the spiritual, moral and physical improvement of the Gipsies.