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JAN 20
JAN 28
Preach the good news!
It has been repeatedly stated that in Gipsy churches, the best time for preaching the gospel is during the winter months. As the year of 2020 began, evangelistic worship events also began, both in smaller and larger churches. Many times these events are held throughout the whole week, from evening to evening or starting from Thursday or Friday, covering the second half of the week. On these evenings, the church halls are filled not only with the members of the congregations but also with many interested people, who want to hear the good news.
The good news is that Jesus Christ has come to the earth to seek and to save the lost. As our old and dear Gypsy song says: "we were lost, we were enslaved by the Satan." It is a great grace that many people in our various churches have recognized that Jesus Christ wants to give them a blessed life.
We ask all of our acquaintances, think of us, and pray for us to be able to fulfill our mission, to bring the good news to as many people as possible.

In Jesus Christ a blessed life is possible for all who receive Him and give Him their lives.