OKT 07
DEC 16
JAN 20
JAN 28
Brethren from Uszka in the churches of Érmellék
On the third Sunday of January, we held musical evangelization in three Gypsy churches.
The music of praise  and the personal testimonies of the musicians from Uszka gave the spice of these occasions and raised us up to the presence of God.
In Érmihályfalva many from the audience came forward to confess their faith or their returning to former community with the Lord.
The large congregation in Körtvélyes waited for the ministry with a full house, similarly to the third place of service, in Szaniszló.
The Word was preached by Brother Dániel Kőszegi, and the message found open hearts and ears. Blessed be the Lord!
The brethren and the ministry group, finished the three evangelizations with hearts filled with God's presence. And like in the story with Philip, they went on their way rejoicing.