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Acting love
In the days and weeks before Christmas, one of our greatest tasks is to give gifts to the children of our churches and schools. In this Christmas of 2019, we were able to hand over the lovingly made shoe box gift packages to more than three thousand children.
We are very grateful to the leaders, staff, and volunteers of the GAIN Foundation, as well as the thousands of families in the Netherlands and Belgium who have made it possible for many needy children living in Transylvania and Hungary. We would especially like to thank Hugo Boos, Project Manager, GAIN Romania, for coming with a group of sixteen volunteers to personally hand over the gift box to nearly a thousand children. This is how the shoe box distribution became a great occasion in Asszonyvására, Gálospetri, in the I and II congregations in Körtvélyes and also in Szaniszló. The gifted children “paid back” with hugs and songs, verses, and small gifts made by themselves.
Although our dear guests have already traveled back to the Netherlands, local pastors and missionaries have continued to deliver the packages. We would like more people to understand that it is not only good when we receive a gift, but when we can also give gifts. Let us always do this with the sincere, pure love we have received from Lord Jesus Christ.