JÚL 09
OKT 24
School opening in Gálospetri
In today's world, when we hear about the merge and the abolition of schools, we have in particular been very blessed to open ceremoniously  the Afternoon School in Gálospetri on Friday, 19 October 2018.

Education is one of the most important areas of our activity, so we are happy to be able to develop again and move forward in this area. It was wonderful to see the children and to listen to their thoughts expressed in word and songs.

Our ceremony was honored by the presidency of the Gypsy Missions Foundation Netherlands. In their name Brother Maarten Kroon said his greeting words.
It was also good to hear the encouraging words of our founder Dániel Kőszegi. Our Foundations were represented by Brother Szilárd Filep, Brother László Dan, and László Papp the local pastor. We are grateful that our team of technicians, Csaba Ilyés, Sándor Rézmüves and Jr. Sándor Rézműves  did a great job during the constructing of the school.

Special thanks go to the teachers – shool-marms Leonetta and Leonóra - who are teaching the new generation with their conscientious work.