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Discovery of God's work.
It is a privilege for us that we have chance to share with all of you this report about our education program in Gálospetri. This program is a perfect example of successful co-operation. We are grateful to the Gypsy Mission Foundation Netherlands and all the Dutch private persons and also congregations who provide financial support to enable us to operate this program.

"The yearly evaluation of Gálospetri’s After School:
A period in the life of gálospetri’s after-school is ending now. This is true in several ways. On the one hand, our fourth grade students are finishing their study, so we can say that we had successfully passed a generation through this four year period. At the start they were our little ones. On the other hand, we are also starting the school in a new location. In the past we had more location to educate or “little oddballs”, but from the new school year - thanks to God and our generous supporters - we can start in a new and comfortable building.
So, what happened to us in the last year?
It is difficult to answer this question simply. We had a lot of wonderful experiences, activities and blessings. This is all true for the last four years. I think we took a wonderful “journey” together with the kids, which we believe will continue to take us to even more beautiful "places." We started with 12 children last year, and they persevered through all the way. However, if I look back to our four years, nearly 25 children were occurred in our little "home".
Keeping the children's interest, every year we tried to get something special into our everyday life. In the first year we had our pets, and the best performing and most gifted child on that day had chance to bring them home. The next day of course, we were looking forward to the enthusiastic reports about the common day spent with the little pet. In the second year, we organized markets where the "talents" gained in the past two weeks could be spent, giving the children special and useful things. In the third year we had special Fridays. On these days we were dealing with all the useful and interesting things: cooking, tinkering, gardening, hiking, playing, going cinemas etc.
In the fourth year taking into consideration the development of our children, we were dealing with some more serious things. We organized Bible Club. Of course, during the previous years we already conducted Bible studies, history readings, learned golden sayings and prayers, but it became a bit different. We “opened our gates" for all the children in the neighbourhood. Anyone was free to attend our Friday afternoon, which they were happy to do. It not infrequently happened that more than 30 children wanted to come and spent time in the vicinity of the Lord. During these afternoons we studied a children's Bible study entitled "The Biggest Gift".
We have read Bible, learned golden sayings, prayed, sang a lot, played, and at the end of the day we had a good meal together. They could hardly wait until the time of a new club-meeting, so much they loved this activity. It can be said that by this club we have reached more children, we have given more opportunities to enjoy the blessings of this after-school program, not only to increase their lexical knowledge, but also to provide a kind of spiritual guidance.
If we've been talking about knowledge, which is one of the main areas of our work, we can’t forget about the successes of this year. By the end of the fourth year, however, learning and teaching went much easier, but there was more and more things to be learned and the task to be done. This caused some difficulties for some children, so we had to work with them in different rhythm, and a lot of time needed to focus on their catching up. It is a great pleasure that the majority of the children reached a level where they can independently think, formulate, discover relationships, solve problems and learn alone.
Concentration, spelling and foreign languages still have some shortcomings, but we are confident that their development will continue. When learning a foreign language, we got a lot of help - as we say - "Uncle Hessel" who teaches us English once a week. During his teaching, he placed great emphasis on oral communication and the enjoying of the English language. Furthermore they have played a lot, and also they've been taught about Christian faith.
Throughout the years, we have always tried to get involved in the life of the local Roma church. This was the case in the past year either. We were preparing for Christmas and Easter, but we also performed songs and poems on other occasions. Our year-end was also implemented in such a congregational event. Since this was the fourth year, and several children left the school now, our goal was to make this day more special and memorable. This has also been achieved. It was a special joy that the president of our Gipsymission Foundation and his wife were present at this time.
The kids were prepared with a show in which we tried to give a taste of everything we learned all year. Additionally, the children in the Bible Club joined us and demonstrated their knowledge. Finally, everyone could speak about their best experience in the House of “little oddballs”. After all these the diploma – made by Leonetta Bödő - was handed over, plus a little present. Each child received a reward, highlighting their best abilities. The members of the Bible Club were not left out, and all the participating children received a diploma, which proved that they had completed the Bible study and encouraged them to continue reading Bible stories.
After the children's program, Brother László Dan served with a message in which he mentioned that they have a good teacher, a good school, and also a Good Shepherd who loves us very much and to whom all children are equally important. Of course, tears of joy have also appeared on the children's face, as in the fifth year – thanks to the Gipsymission Foundation - we continue to work together and help them learn.
We are grateful for the four years. Kids can be grateful for the after-school program and the sponsors who run it. We believe that the work that is invested will bring its fruit, and our “little oddballs” will benefit from the lexical knowledge and spiritual values acquired here. We look forward to the new school year, now in a new place, in a new environment, with many new children, with a new group and we do believe with lots of new blessings.

With love and thanks,
Leonetta Bödő  teacher"