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Baptism service in Érkőrös
Glory be to God because we had a baptism in our church in Érkőrös on eight of July. Two white robed brethren testified their faith in Jesus Christ, and with the baptism they confessed that they had died for the old life and had risen in a new life.

In the fully crowded church-house it was good to praise the Lord together with the musicians from Kéc, and it was also delightful to listen to the service of the singers from Szilágypér and Pele.

We are also grateful and happy to remember the reconstruction and renovation of the local Church House, which was made by the teachers and students of Corderius College (Amersfoort, Netherlands). This material and physical assistance and also the devoted work of the local church members made the building like a home.

The service of baptism was performed by our mission worker Miklós Gombos. With the preaching of God’s Word, the leaders of the Christian Gypsymission Foundation - Dániel Kőszegi and László Dan - encouraged the present numerous congregation.

If you want to see more pictures of the occasion, you can see it on our WEB page.
Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ciganymisszio/albums/72157698376868044